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Art UK has worked with thousands of art collections throughout the UK, from the Shetland Islands to Jersey. The oil painting project covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus the crown dependencies of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

A diverse range of places have participated in the project to date, including national, regional and local museums, universities, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, schools, town halls, courts, and even lighthouses and crematoria.



Art UK (as the Public Catalogue Foundation) photographed the majority of the artworks on the website. High resolution photographs of the artworks were shared with every participating art collection.

If a collection requires a replacement set of images there may be a charge of £10 plus VAT. For more information please contact

In most cases, art collections own the copyright to their own images on Art UK, but not the copyright to the paintings. If the artist of an artwork is in copyright, a collection may need to seek permission to reproduce an artwork. Please see the Image use and copyright pages of Art UK for more information.


Keeping Art UK up-to-date

Participating art collections are encouraged to ensure their artwork and venue information on Art UK is up-to-date.

The Collections Portal was launched in autumn 2016. The Portal allows art collections to add new works, and edit their existing artworks and venues directly. Collections who have signed up as Art UK Partners can upload pre-existing digitised collections of prints, drawings and watercolours using the Portal, but all collections can add new aquisitions in oil and acrylic. (Sculptures cannot be added until 2017, funding permitting.) 

If you are from a collection and would like access to the Collections Portal, please contact 


Joining Art UK

If you are in possession of a permanent art collection that you believe meets the remit of this initiative, and would like to feature this collection on Art UK, please email