Art Detective has led to many discoveries about the UK's national art collection

Comments from collections

'Many thanks – another example of Art UK’s users helping us curators to learn and improve the information about works in our care!’ (Royal Academy of Arts)

‘I love the questions that come through via Art Detective – they are often from people with more specialist knowledge than we have of a specific artist or works, and have helped plug a fair few gaps in our knowledge. Always helpful to hear from you!’ (Bank of England Museum)

‘My colleague only recently commented how frustrating some of the records are, little provenance! But that’s what is so helpful with Art UK especially, it’s filling in those gaps which is helpful for us too and the records.’ (Merseyside Maritime Museum)


This exciting discovery resulted from one of our discussions. We also publicise discoveries in the Curations and Stories sections of Art UK, as well as on Twitter. 


By the end of its first year Art Detective had won the following awards:

  • Museums and the Web 'Best of the Web' category winner 2015, the first time a UK institution has won the overall category
  • Museums and the Web 'Museum Professional' category winner 2015
  • AAM Muse Award 'Digital Communities' category (Silver) 2015