— Discoveries Yachts off Greenwich examined

oil on canvas, c.1697 by Isaac Sailmaker (c.1633–1721) (circle of)

A Royal Yacht off Greenwich, oil on canvas, c.1697 by Isaac Sailmaker (c.1633–1721) (circle of)

Pieter van der Merwe, Maritime Subjects group leader proposed a discussion about ''William and Mary' Yacht off Greenwich', a painting listed as by Isaac Sailmaker (c.1633–1721) (circle of) in the Government Art Collection. Pieter felt that the work was closer to Jan Griffier the elder, but wasn’t sure. More confidently, the painting could be dated from looking at built structures included in the background.

Laurence Blundell cast doubt on the vessel shown, as it may not be the 'William and Mary' yacht, which had had two masts. The vessel shown is more likely to be the yacht 'Anne' of 1661.

The painting's title was changed to 'A Royal Yacht off Greenwich' and a date added to the work of c.1697.

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Jade King, Art UK