British 20th C, except portraits, North West England: Artists and Subjects 3 Can anyone identify the location shown in this painting?

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I am a volunteer gallery guide at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. I am researching this painting, specifically the location shown in the painting. I have seen a similar view by this artist, called ‘Ullswater’.
The Collection commented: ‘We have very little information about this painting. It was transferred to us from Whitchurch Museum as 'Rural Landscape with Mountains' by Maude Hall Neale. No further is known about the location, although I agree Gary, it looks very much like the Lake District and we know that she painted views of the area’.
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GARY BRAYNE, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Matthew Imms,

Although, sadly, it is many years since I stayed in Coniston, the distinctive profile of the slope of the left reminds me of the Coniston Fells. Could the viewpoint be Walna Scar Road, a steep lane leading west up from the village, looking north-east over it along the Yewland Beck valley? The first Google street view free of foreground trees is likely from too high up, but zoom in and the profile above the end of the wall (between the trees along the left of the road and the isolated tree(s) to the left) is what I have in mind:,-3.0842774,3a,15y,40.14h,89.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spnDMU4qyfZjFjFvKdTuVaQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Interestingly this artist exhibited portraits only at the Royal Academy. It seems that she showed her landscapes mainly with the Society of Women Artists, showing there from 1909 until 1954. From a review of her exhibits I noted the following titles: Ben Venue (Stirling) (2); The Trossachs; Loch Ard; Aberfoyle; ; Loch Achray; Ullswater (3); Derwentwater. So, if this is representative of her work, she favoured Scottish subjects a little more than views in the Lake District. Those two locations were clearly of the greatest interest to her as far as her landscape painting was concerned.

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