Forward Portraits: British 20th C, Sculpture 7 Can anyone identify the sculptor of this bronze head of actor James Grant Anderson?

Topic: Artist

This bust is signed on the verso, but can anyone identify and tell us more about the sculptor from it?

David Saywell, Art Detective Officer, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Jacinto Regalado,

The signature appears to be Willie or perhaps Wissie.

Philippa Parker,

Could the signature be Winsten? ie Clare Winsten. The work doesn't look in her style, though.

E Jones,

Yes, I realise that. I’ve compared a number of them, but keeping an open mind. Due to the to awkwardness of the placement of the signature, I wondered whether it may not be standard signature for most sculptors. It can be a little difficult at times signing an piece of work in a tricky place, in mid air, with no support.

Osmund Bullock,

I'm far from certain, but I think the last two 'letters' in the signature/inscription may be the number '36'...and actually the two before could be '19', though that's less likely. Thus the whole thing could read either 'W١S 36' or even 'W 1936'. See attached.

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