Continental European after 1800, Continental European before 1800 10 Can anyone tell us more about this painting?

Topic: Subject or sitter

Shropshire Museums has been contacted with details of another contemporary version of this painting. We suspect they are both copies made of a popular 'Old Master' but does anyone know the artist and title of the original? There is a Windsor and Newton stamp on the canvas and the corner of an old label but nothing else. We have very little provenance for it - Bequeathed by Mr Denton 1965.

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Jacinto Regalado,

The boy looks Italian, wearing country or peasant clothes, and what may be a religious medal.

Jacinto Regalado,

Is it possible to get a high-resolution close-up of the lower right corner? Perhaps it is nothing, but there might be a faint signature there.

Jacinto Regalado,

The necklace no doubt holds a Catholic religious medal, very commonly worn by children, possibly a St Christopher medal.

Jacinto Regalado,

This sort of genre picture, quite possibly meant for a non-Italian market, was not intended as a portrait of a specific person but as a type, so the title need not use the words "portrait" or "unidentified." Something like "Italian Boy with Straw Hat" is more apt.

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