Completed British 20th C, except portraits, Yorkshire, The Humber and North East England: Artists and Subjects 7 Can the mountain and location in this painting of Le Drac river be identified?

Topic: Execution date

Can the mountain be identified? Is this view south of Grenoble? [Gearóid Mac a' Ghobhainn, Collections Curator, has commented: 'There is nothing in our records to identify the view. It looks, in my opinion, like Le Connex viewed from the River Le Drac just south of Grenoble. I am happy to have the site confirmed by someone more knowledgably than I.' [Group Leader: Kenneth McConkey]

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Shaun Everett,

Mount St Victoire for me, but I doubt it is near Grenoble.

Martin Hopkinson,

The Vercors massif was one of the most famous centres of the Resistance, where in June and July 1944 the Free Republic of Vercors was established

So how is the view best briefly described for 'More Information' purposes? 'The River Drac and eastern face of the Vercors massif, near Grenoble' ??

On ArtUK and under 'More information' the picture is said to be dated 1921 and indeed '21' can be discerned after the signature in initials at the lower left of the ArtUK image. It was purchased by the collection from the artist when exhibited in the 'Spring Exhibition' (presumably at Cartwright Hall, Bradford) of 1933. In other words the painting seems to have remained on the artist's hands for twelve years, which means that, yes, it could have been the work shown at the RA in 1927 and the Goupil Gallery in 1929.