British 20th C, except portraits 8 Can we establish a precise date for this painting of a Parisian bridge by Ronald Dunlop?

The Bridge, Paris
Topic: Execution date

Does this date from 1930 and is it the 'Pont Neuf' by Dunlop which was no 49 priced at 25 guineas in the Redfern Gallery's January 1931 exhibition' Oils by contemporary artists'? Dunlop also exhibited 'Pont Neuf' in 1933 as no 455 at the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts priced at £26. He also exhibited 'Pont Neuf' as no 56 £26-5-0 in the 1934 exhibition of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers and Printmakers.

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK


The Collection has commented: 'The inscription on the back of the painting has 'Brook Street Gallery' and 'Paris', but other than this we do not have any further information.'

Jimaa Alaa,

This is Saint-Michel Bridge and the Quai des Grands Augustins

Kieran Owens,

A long biographical essay on Dunlop, on the Howgill Tattershall Fine Art website, contains the following line:

"Dunlop was rewarded for his dedication by his first successful one-man show at the Redfern Gallery in 1929, which allowed him to visit and study in ‘wonderful Paris’."

Confirmation of his exact dates for his time spent in Paris might be contained in his 1956 autobiography, 'Struggling with Paint'.

Kieran Owens,

If Dunlop left for Paris in 1929, and there are some known works from there dated to that year, he either returned with or sent back works to the Redfern Gallery for inclusion in an exhibition in March 1930. The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, of Thursday 13th March 1930, carried a review of the show (attached), mentioning one work in particular, his 'Le Quai Saint-Michel' (item 24). While he could have painted other versions of this scene, if this Discussion's work has any Redfern Gallery labels and the number 24 on the back, it is most likely the same work.

Perhaps the Redfern have the catalogue from this 1930 exhibition and installation photographs, along with a sales record that shows it was purchased by Charles Evans.

Kieran Owens,

In answer to the initial question, it could be dated to 1929 or 1930 but it is not the Pont Neuf.

Also, as confusing as it is, Dunlop exhibited at the Brook Street Gallery in 1929 and throughout the 1930s, while also showing at the Redfern during that decade, so the painting might have moved from one gallery to the other while waiting to be sold.

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