British 19th C, except portraits, East Midlands: Artists and Subjects 7 Can you identify the 'E. M.' that painted this view of Derby?

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Can anyone identify the artist of this work, currently known as 'E. M.'? Derby Museums Trust has provided a photograph of the inscription on the back of the painting, attached below. The collection has examined the painting and no other inscription has been found. Any further information would be welcome.

Edward Stone, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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To me the Edward Masters on Invaluable and elsewhere (e.g. several pseudo-Dutch village landscapes in an amateur manner) look stylistically very different indeed to the Derby painting. Are we sure E.M. are the intitials of the artist, and not, for example, an owner? What is the words after E.M.?

It looks like 'E. M. mor -' but if in the same hand as the date and title (and the Ms look comparable) at a slightly smaller or at least tighter scale and as a subsequent addition: 'mor' might be 'morning' for the scene but if not artist initials or a buyer coming for it in the 'mor', its hard to suggest what, though it looks too leafy for an 'Early May morning'. 'Moorgate' is an old and main street in Derby (and name of the railway station), but it would be a very perfunctory abbreviation for it.

Andrew Chamberlain,

It could be 'E.M. mar -' rather than 'E.M. mor -' Compare the cursive letters a and o in the word 'Meadows'

Robert Purdie,

Could the lettering after the initials be a date? Second half looks like ~02

Patty Macsisak,

After rereading that Goodey searched far afield for Derby material, I wonder if "E. M., mor" 1) could be written in Goodey's own hand 2) could refer to the provenance of the painting (e.g., an estate sale) 3) whether Goodey was known to make similar notations on other paintings.

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