British 19th C, except portraits, Scotland: Artists and Subjects 4 Could ‘Bamburgh Castle’ have been painted by John Francis Williams (1785–1846)?

Bamburgh Castle
Topic: Artist

J. F. Williams RSA exhibited a painting of this subject as no. 44 at the Liverpool Academy in 1830. He was one of the founder Academicians in 1826 and painted many coastal castles. Could anyone familiar with early nineteenth-century Scottish landscape painting tell us whether this is compatible with his style?

The collection comments: ‘[We] had a good look at the painting with a torch, but couldn’t see any signature. The lower part of the painting, where one would expect it to be, is very dark indeed and although the torch shows up some details that are otherwise hidden, there’s nothing that could be interpreted as a name.’

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Martin Hopkinson,

But is J Williams the artist who signed that painting really J F Williams RSA?

Please support your comments with evidence or arguments.

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