British 18th C, except portraits 3 Could this painting be by Richard Wilson (1714–1782) or his studio?

Religious Scene
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This painting has a good chance of being by Richard Wilson (1714–1782) or his studio. It is a version of his painting 'The White Monk', of which there are over twenty surviving versions:

This particular version goes by the title 'The White Monk II' in the Richard Wilson online catalogue raisonné. There are currently three known with this variant of figures:

It looks like the parasol has been repainted in version at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

Tim Williams, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Tim Williams,

Thanks Bendor - I did get a reply from Dr Spencer Longhurst a couple of days ago, he said:

"Thank you very much for drawing the Whitworth painting (0.1.1954) to my attention. As compiler of 'Richard Wilson Online' I have the painting on my database but it is not published in the online catalogue raisonne as I have not yet seen it and it is traditionally listed as ascribed to Wilson. From what I can see on 'Art Detective' this may be an accurate description but I am in touch with the Whitworth and will follow up with a visit if it seems promising."

So I think the Whitworth could update the title to 'White Monk' and maybe the artist to after Wilson until Dr Spencer Longhurst is able to inspect it in person.

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