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Portrait of an Unknown Man (said to be Alexander MacPherson)
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This oil painting is said to depict a young man, believed to be the younger brother of George Macpherson, tacksman at Melvaig. He drowned off Red Point "within sight of his lady love". As a result there was a Gaelic song written about him entitled "Thug mi gaol do'n Fhiar Bhan", "I Loved the Fair Haired Laddie".

Gairloch Heritage Museum is interested in any information on the artist, or further details of the provenance of the painting.

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Are any costume historians able to advise on a possible date?

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The hairstyle, frilled shirt, white waistcoat, and the cut of the collar are consistent with a date of about 1803

Paul Kettlewell,

I think there is a doubt about the Alexander MacPherson born in 1794 at Melvaig, Gairloch dying at sea. I have attached a copy of the parish record at Gairloch of his birth, he was the son of Alexander MacPherson, tacksman and Katherine MacKenzie. Also attached is the death record in 1881 due to old age at South Gairloch of an Alexander MacPherson aged 86, his parents are given as Alexander MacPherson, crofter and Isabella MacKenzie.
His mother's first name does not match, but everything else suggests that the birth and death are the same person.

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Without any comments on this portrait for some time, it may be best to wind it up. There is general agreement about the date--c.1800-10. But we are no closer to the identity of the sitter or the artist. If more information emerges, then the discussion can be reopened. I recommend that this discussion be closed.