Scotland: Artists and Subjects, Continental European before 1800 8 Do you recognise the artist's monogram on this painting of fruit?

Fruit on a Salver on a Marble Ledge
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This painting is signed in monogram, bottom right. Can anyone suggest who 'D. C. G.' might be? The collection has no further information on the artist.

Edward Stone, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Roderick Macleod,

No ideas. Other than it, or something similar ('Still life of fruit on silver tray' by 'monogrammist DCG') was auctioned at Stockholms Auktionsverk, Stockholm on 28/4/1987, which might be a clue to provenance (but probably isn't).

Sophie Grillet,

From Wikipedia
Diana Glauber (11 January 1650, Utrecht – c. 1721, Hamburg), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
According to Houbraken, she was the daughter of the Amsterdam chemist Johann Rudolph Glauber, and the sister of the painters Jan Gotlief and Johannes Glauber.[1] She was good with portraits and historical allegories, but lost her sight and stopped painting.[1] She was still living in Hamburg while Houbraken was writing.[1]

According to the RKD no works are known,[2]

Peter Nahum,

Please let me see a decent image of the initials - many thanks

Osmund Bullock,

Peter, a higher-res image may be forthcoming in due course, but meanwhile I've cropped and manipulated the slightly larger Art UK one to make it a bit clearer (I think). Attached.

1 attachment
Edward Stone,

We have relayed this request to the collection and will post a higher-resolution detail of the monogram if we are given permission to do so.

Robin Campbell 01,

While something may come from these local discussions, surely RKD should be consulted, or its retired guru Fred G Meijer?

Edward Stone,

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