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This intriguing bust, probably 1940s–1950s, looks like the work of someone like Frank Dobson or possibly Jacob Epstein, though it appears to be unsigned.

Jacinto Regalado, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Jon Edgar,

the hair looks too mannered for Epstein and the clay surface too perfect for Dobson. The hair forms feel too decorative for either. Are there any more views?

Jacinto Regalado,

Does Wolverhampton have any provenance information, such as when and from what source the bust entered the collection?

Jo Andrew,

The full face photo does indeed suggest 1940's-1950's but on looking at the other views it is clear that the hair above the forehead is not in a war time "roll" which would have been held in place with pins. (My mother's style at that time.) My hunch would be to look at the 60-70's. My own hairstyle back then was almost identical with the annoyance of being unable to stop the front curled hair from flopping forward.

Jacinto, they do not have any acquisition information recorded on their database available to them now, but when they are back in the Gallery they will check their paper files. David

Jacinto Regalado,

I expect it could be early 1960s, but I rather doubt 1970s, and I still think 1950s is quite plausible. If we are lucky, the date of acquisition may help with dating the piece.

Helen Mason,

Enigmatic features, this is ringing a bell but I can’t yet put a finger on it - it is certainly worth contacting the Royal Society of Sculptors at Dora House, SW7 about this.

Please do report back to the site with the answer, it really would be fascinating to know who the subject is and by whom....

All v best wishes for your Quest!

Jacinto Regalado,

Interesting thought, David. It's worth looking into, but Huxley-Jones seems to have had a more naturalistic style, and this head feels different to me, though that's hardly evidence.

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