Completed British 19th C, except portraits, British 20th C, except portraits, Dress and Textiles 15 Does anyone know who painted 'Shepherd and Sheep in Snow'?

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The artist is currently recorded as 'unknown', can you help? Perhaps identifying the breed of sheep or dating the gentlemen's clothing?

Jade Audrey King, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Alice Read,

The artist has been amended to 'attributed to Charles Jones (1836–1902)'.

These amends will appear on the Your Paintings website by the end of July 2015. Thank you to all for participating in this discussion. To those viewing this discussion for the first time, please see below for all comments that led to this conclusion.


Martin Hopkinson,

Robert H Watson by whom there are paintings at the Williamson Art Gallery and Gallery Oldham is a possibility

Betty Elzea,

Judging by the clothing, I should think the 1880s. One of the figures wears a tam-o'shanter (sp?) cap. Therefore a Scottish scene?

Martin Hopkinson,

I think that Betty is undoubtedly correct about the subject . The very distinctive way of painting snow and the style of the two figures seem to me to be the keys to finding an answer. One perhaps should consider the possibility that the picture may be a collaboration between two artists, a figure painter and an animalier. Collaborations of this kind were quite common in the second half of the nineteenth century, often involving quite well know artists.

Martin Hopkinson,

Robert Watson [born 1865] lived in Southport, the town of the Atkinson Art Gallery

John Covell,

Scottish Blackface Sheep. Possibly by Edward Duncan

Martin Hopkinson,

I am sure that Tim is correct - look at the treatment of the snow in Jones' pictures - very distinctive. Jones was a very regular exhibitor in Liverpool, and one might well be able to find this painting in one of the exhibition catalogues.

National Trust,

Henry Hetherington Emmerson (Chester-le-Street 1831 – Cullercoats 1895) ? Just a guess! It shoud be signed, if so, in a monogram.

The Atkinson could also compare it directly with another of Charles Jones' winter sheep landscapes they own: It also compares favourably with Truro's The Charles Jones attribution seems to me very much stronger than the others that have been made. If we have some more supporting opinions I shall make a formal recommendation to the PCF.

Alice Read,

The collection has commented via email:

"Thank you – I’m happy to accept the attribution