British 19th C, except portraits, Wales: Artists and Subjects 6 Does anyone recognise the initials JS here?

Portrait of a Hunter
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The painting is signed 'JS’ bottom right. Could the artist be a member of the Sartorius family of sporting painters? The picture, however, is not of the quality which one should expect.

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Peter Nahum,

This is a longshot: the only recording I have of those initials in that form is John Sanders (not John Sanders (painter) in Wikipedia). The John Sanders I have the initials for is not him as mine painted a view of Liverpool Docks in 1897 - perhaps worth trying to find him, but if you are convinced it is earlier, then this is of no use to you.

Louis Musgrove,

Could the painting be 100 years earlier --James Seymour ????

1854 as a date would not be inconsistent with the style. The background is very sketchy and, even taking that into account, not very sophisticated, so I am not optimistic we will find a professional sporting artist to fit the date.

Louis Musgrove,

This painting has the same problem as for example Gilbert Stuart's Skater. The legs receede to getting smaller towards the hoof.An optical effect,which also makes me think of 18th century techniques.

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