Portraits: British 20th C, South West England: Artists and Subjects 8 Does anyone recognise this monogram and help us with this possible inscription?

Dorothy Chown
Topic: Artist

There seems to be a large monogram bottom right - and possibly another inscription top left.

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Louis Musgrove,

How about Joseph Mordecai ? as I see Monogram as JM

Jacinto Regalado,

None of Mordecai's works on Art UK have such a disproportionately large and prominent monogram, Louis.

Kieran Owens,

There is possibly a small inscription in the bottom left corner, though the marks could also just be abrasions on the paint.

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Louis Musgrove,

And that big orange oval top left-possibly DA ???
Er --- I have just been looking at the Chown Photographs in the Morrab Photo archive- and well ,this painting looks just like a photo of Mrs Chown ---Dorothy (Dolly)Amy Chown's mother ???

Louis Musgrove,

Ah yes--Top left DAC--- Dorothy Amy Chown

Kieran Owens,

Thank you David. There is nothing readable so perhaps it is just an optical effect on the digital image.

As a train-spotting footnote, the inverted text in the top left corner of the Morrab Photo archive photograph of Mrs. Chown is a fragment of Kenneth Grahame’s note on 'The Wind in the Willows'. Spinning the section the right way up (as attached), for the purposes of comparison the visible words are presented here in brackets:

“A book of (youth), and so perhaps chiefly for youth and those (who still) keep the spirit of youth alive in them; of life, sunshine, running water, (woodlands), dusty roads, winter firesides, free of problems, clear of the clash of the (sex, of life) as it might fairly be supposed to be regarded by some of the wise, small (things) that ‘glide in grasses and rubble of woody (wreck)’.”

Why these words by Grahame are attached to this photograph is unclear. Perhaps it was just an available page or sheet of paper upon which the photograph was printed.

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