Completed Continental European after 1800, South West England: Artists and Subjects 11 Does this 'Lake Scene with Castle' actually depict the Rhine?

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This appears to depict the Rhine, somewhere between Koblenz and Rüdesheim am Rhein. The castle could be Marksburg Castle, Braubach.

The collection comment: 'It certainly looks feasible that it could be Marksburg Castle, having looked at other images of this location. We have no further information on record.'

The painting came to the gallery as part of the original request. The title may have been invented for it at that stage, or when it was purchased by Joseph Shipley.'

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Jade Audrey King,

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Patty Macsisak,

Please consider that this is a painting of Castle Sooneck between Trechtingshausen and Niederheimbach in the Middle Rhine Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

However, the supporting rock configuration of Sooneck Castle is inconsistent with the painting. Scroll down to compare photos of the rock configuration at Rheinstein Castle vs. Sooneck Castle.

Andrea Kollmann,

Could we have a high-res image of this painting? The boat and the architecture of the building on the left might give some further clues.

I realise there has been no activity on this page for some months. I agree the shape of the building and its setting are more consistent with Sooneck Castle. Does any one have anything further to add before I close the discussion?

Andrea Kollmann,

Shipley Art Gallery kindly sent me a high-res image of this painting a while ago, and I have spent quite some time trying to find this castle, unfortunately without finding a ‘perfect’ match. In my opinion, the shape of the ruin resembles paintings of Metternich castle in Beilstein at the Moselle, but the rock formation looks more like Schonburg castle in Oberwesel at the Rhine.

The boat looks like the boats used for mail deliveries between the cities of Cologne and Koblenz (see jpg in the attachment).

Other paintings of Schonburg castle (in Oberwesel):

Metternich castle (in Beilstein) : (by Henry C. Gritten, from: )

Source of the jpg:

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Shipley Art Gallery,

Thanks very much for spending time trying to solve the mystery Andrea. I will add your notes to the object record so the research is saved! We won't change the title though. I think that probably concludes this discussion admin?

Jade Audrey King,

Thank you all for your comments.

Frances, did you have anything to add?

Shipley Art Gallery, should we add a description to this painting?

e.g. 'The ruin resembles paintings of Metternich Castle in Beilstein at the Moselle, however the rock formation looks more like Schonburg Castle in Oberwesel at the Rhine.

The boats resemble boats used for mail deliveries between the cities of Cologne and Koblenz.'