Completed British 19th C, except portraits, Scotland: Artists and Subjects 6 Is this a painting of Inverlochy Castle?

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This painting has been identified as Kilchurn Castle, Argyllshire. It looks to me like a fairly exact copy of Horatio McCulloch's painting of Inverlochy Castle, 1857 (National Galleries of Scotland, NG288). See

The collection comments: 'The labels on the reverse of the canvas identify the setting as Kilchurn Castle, but I would agree that the composition is very similar to the painting of Inverlochy Castle by Horatio McCulloch. Indeed, comparing our painting with photographs of both castles, it does appear to resemble Inverlochy more closely.

Apparently, our painting was executed when Horne was very young, so it could well be a copy of McCulloch's work, which was completed in 1857, before Horne's birth. It would be brilliant if anyone could shed more light on this artwork.'

Anne Macdonald, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Edward Stone,

This discussion is now closed. The painting has been found to depict Inverlochy Castle. It is a loose copy of an 1857 painting by Horatio McCulloch. A description has been added to the painting record, noting this.

Thank you to all for participating in this discussion. To those viewing this discussion for the first time, please see below for all comments that led to this conclusion.


Martin Hopkinson,

It is certainly Inverlochy and a free copy of McCulloch's painting, which was in public hands from 1857 and visible at the National Gallery of Scotland from 1897 when it was transferred to the gallery by the RAPFAS

I think we can make a formal recommendation that this is indeed a loose copy of Horatio McCulloch's Inverlochy Castle, 1857, in the
National Gallery of Scotland, which would have been available for Horne to copy.

City of Edinburgh Council,

Yes, we would agree with this identification. We'll update our records for this painting.

Edward Stone,

Thanks all, I will now close this discussion.