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Does anyone have any ideas to where this painting could be set?

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Marian Wood 01,

At first sight I thought it could be an imaginary reconstruction of Tintagel Castle with the church on the hill behind (now it looks more like a lighthouse). But that would not explain the land? on the far left.

Michael Long,

Looks to me like Dunnottar, near Aberdeen

Fiona Clai Brown,

West Wales -Looks like Harlech to me-looking southwards-towards Cardigan Bay -the castle rock a little over dramatised and some artistic licence: Land on far right could be the Lleyn Peninsular .

Martin Hopkinson,

not Dunottar - the land on the right rules it out

Sophia Conner,

It looks like Dunluce Castle on the coast of Antrim, Northern Ireland. The ruins and the rock formation of the penisula are very similar. Compare this late 19th century photo of Dunluce from a similar angle:

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Martin Hopkinson,

and does this make it likely that the artist is Irish?

Martin Hopkinson,

This view looking west was the preferred one among arists. The castle is, of course, very close to Giants' Causeway

Me too: but who was painting subjects in that area in watercolour in the mid-19th c.? Stanfield was there in September-October 1856 but it doesn't look obviously like him. Any sign of signature/inscription front or back, however illegible?

Marcie Doran,

For consideration, two artists who are associated with paintings of Dunluce Castle in the mid-19th c. as per articles in newspapers:

Charles Bentley (1808-1854). Articles from 1846 and 1853 are attached. See for example his “Mont St Michel” (1854)

William Gawin Herdman (also known as W. G. Herdman) (1805-1882). An article from 1841 is attached. See for example his “Sandstone Quarry at corner of Netherfield Road” (1848).

The work is mounted, framed and glazed so access to the back of the painting is not possible I am afraid. There is nothing on the backboard of the frame either.

Thanks. Interesting to see Charles Bentley - a fine watercolourist (1806-54)- had a track-record there, albeit neither of the subjects/treatments Marcie quotes fit, and it doesn't look like his more Turnerian style even taking fading damage into account. It also doesn't look like William George Herdman (1805-82) - mainly a Liverpool topographer.

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