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What more could we find out about this Russian-born American artist? His dates were 1902–1975 from this tree on Ancestry He lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and latterly Arizona. Here's a report about him travelling to Europe (presumably to study at The Slade?) There are also records at the Cleveland Museum of him exhibiting and an unreferenced biographical note says he was a Rhodes Scholar He won a Slade Prize in 1928 for this painting and also this painting in the same year.

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S. Elin Jones,

I think there may be a small mistake on the Ancestry tree with regards to his birth. it has been read as Vilua but having had a quick look, I think it’s meant to be read as Vilna. This is why he is listed on numerous documents as being born in Poland, as it was in the north-east of poland, but at various historical points it has been claimed by Poland, Lithania, Russia.

His d.o.b was 10th Aug 1901.
He was also advertising as a Commercial artist in 1923 in Cleveland Ohio.

Victor Rafael Veronesi ,

Good evening. Some texts published in 1926 (the american hebrew ) state that he was awarded the "Gottwald traveling scholarship" to Europe and that he had been - in the 41 years of life of the institution - the most talented scholar ever. In 1932 he was reported with Joseph J Gervin as an associate of the "advertising selling company " of Cleveland (advertising and selling; the printers' ink). He has made in 1933 a successful bust - a model / reproduction which U. S .copyright was entered the 10/10/1933; H Rogozen Roosevelt&f=false) of Franklin Delano Roosvelt *. He has been among those artists to be aided by the "public arts project" ( The public works of arts project. Report , 1934 ; Rogozen&f=false ) for the Ohio, concerning that he was mentioned into the lists for the artists resident in region N. 9 ( Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan ) . He was mentioned in 1947 also as a painting restorer. Between 1952 and 1954 and 1974 he was cited as an artist of the Arkansas Phoenix Arizona School of arts ( a school giving classes of illustrations, lettering, painting and graphic arts ) established in 1948 , becoming ,at last, its director. Here probably there was (or there's ) his necrology : .
* Now is available on ebay a photography of this bust (a print made for the press : )

It would be good to know from relevant group leaders if they feel there is enough information here now to see a biographical outline written, so this discussion can be concluded.

Marcie Doran,

I’ve done a great deal of background work on this artist and will post my summary shortly.

Marcie Doran,

The U.S. WWII draft card (attached) of February 14, 1942, for Joseph Rogozen shows he was born in Vilna, Poland, on August 10, 1901, as Elin stated.

The 1910 U.S. Federal Census (attached) shows that Joseph Rogozen lived with his parents Barney [sic] and Esther Rogozen and siblings (Ette (“Ethel”), Abraham, Alex and Hyman) in Cleveland, Ohio. His father was a “cigar maker”, working in a factory. This document shows that his father immigrated to the United States of America in 1904 and that the rest of the family followed in 1906 (or were born in the United States of America).

Joseph Rogozen was married (record attached) in Cleveland on August 23, 1926, by Rabbi Boroch Botwin, to Cecilia Horwitz (daughter of Jacob Horwitz and Yetta (née Levine)). They both listed their profession as “artist”. His parents were Barnet Rogozen and his wife Esther (née Gershen) according to this record.

He and his wife Cecilia are shown on a passenger list arriving in London on September 6. 1926. He is an “artist” and she is a “housewife”. They arrived back in New York on December 8, 1928. According to the ship’s manifest (attached), their address in London had been “151 Camden Rd. N”.

Marcie Doran,

On the 1930 US Federal Census (attached) Joseph Rogozen was divorced and lived with his parents and siblings (Abraham, Alex, Hyman, Emanuel and Ida) in Cleveland. His father was a “rabbi” in the “Religious work” industry and he was an “artist” in the “Portrait Painting” industry. I have only attached the page that shows Joseph Rogozen.

Joseph Rogozen was married (record attached) in Cleveland, on June 16, 1934, by Rabbi Israel Porath, to his second wife Esther F. Katz (daughter of Samuel Katz and Mary (née Shaw)). His profession was “artist” and she was a “secretary”.

Esther passed away in Cleveland on August 8, 1957 (see attached). Joseph passed away at his home (2504 E. Devonshire Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona) on April 16, 1975, and he was buried at the Beth Israel Cemetary in Phoenix (see attached).

Marcie Doran,

Note that, according to a US WWI draft card (under the name “Barnett Rojozin”), his father was born on January 15, 1877, and was a “cigar maker” for the Ohio Stogie Co. According to an Ohio death record (under the name “Barnette Ragazen”), his father passed away on September 22, 1939.

According to the "Phil Gerson Family Tree" Ancestry tree, his mother Esther Gershon/Gerson was born in 1874. According to an Ohio death record, his mother passed away on June 30, 1942. I have attached the records.

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UCL Culture,

It seems that Marcie has done an amazing amount of research into Rogozen. Is there anything else to add? I can see about his student records at UCL to see whether there is some info that can be added to the biography. I'm also curious whether Marcie has a sense of whether there is an Estate I can go to for copyright permission.

Marcie Doran,

I will send a message through Ancestry to someone who has a Rogozen tree. Perhaps I will be provided with information that will be helpful.

UCL Culture,

Information gleaned from his student registry records at UCL: born August 10, 1901; previous place of education was Cleveland School of Art; scholarship tenable at Slade was the Gottwald Traveling Scholarship; he recorded his in-laws Mr and Mrs J Horwitz (10629 Greenlawn Ave) as parent or guardian responsible for the payment of college dues. His address while attending the Slade was 161 Camden Road, Camden Town, NW1. He entered the Slade in October 1926; remained the 1926/1927 and 1927/28 years. In his first year he won 2nd prize for Head Painting, in 1927/28 year he won first prize for Life Painting and first prize for Head Painting (the work considered here).

See attachment for what, thanks largely to Marcie's digging in US records, this discussion so far provides. The screen shot of Esther Rogozen's obituary (Marcie @ 29/03/2022 17:28) is unreadable but he was presumably buried with her and there are also presumably works in American collections.

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Marcie Doran,

Thanks for the great write-up, Pieter. I'm glad that this talented artist will be less obscure going forward.

I don’t have access to the website that is associated with Ancestry but found Esther's obituary in 'The Phoenix Jewish News' (see attached). Esther was buried in Cleveland, Ohio, near her family.

Pieter, thank you for the draft biography and to all contributors. Let's leave it over the coming weekend in case the 'H' in the name can be found too.