Completed Portraits: British 19th C, Portraits: British 20th C, Yorkshire, The Humber and North East England: Artists and Subjects 5 When did John Hodgson Campbell paint this portrait of Robert Affleck?

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The sitter Robert Affleck was our great-grandfather, and we have a replica portrait by John Hodgson Campbell that was presented to him in 1905. I am attaching a photo of the portrait, plus the information written on the back by John Hodgson Campbell.

The collection note they will add the images to the artwork record plus the additional information. They agree a date '1905 or before' could be added to the record, but is anyone able to find a more accurate execution date for this work?

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Jade Audrey King,

This painting's execution date has been updated.

This amend will appear on the Art UK website in due course. Thank you to all for participating in this discussion. To those viewing this discussion for the first time, please see below for all comments that led to this conclusion.


The Gateshead Board of Guardian minutes from 1836-1930 are in Tyne and Wear Archives, so they could be studied to find out when they commissioned the portrait from Campbell. My feeling is that as Robert Affleck was only born in 1858 and frankly looks over 50 in the portrait it is unlikely to be earlier than c.1905. It is also very similar to the other portrait by Campbell on Art UK dated 1905 (John Hall).

Shipley Art Gallery,

Thanks for your comments, I will add them to the collection records.

Barbara Bryant,

As per Andrew's comment above, this discussion can be now be closed. Thanks too to Patsy for the information on the Affleck family. The portrait commemorated Robert Affleck as Chairman of the Board of Guardians. He died at age 52. A date of c.1905 fits well. Further searches in archives in Tyne and Wear might well reveal the date of the commission for the portrait to the artist John Hodgson Campbell.