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Does anyone recognise this watch tower? The artist, John Alfred Arnesby Brown is known for his paintings of Norfolk, but does it have a connection with North East England, as the Laing purchased it from the artist in 1923?

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Kieran Owens,

The painting was exhibited and favourably reviewed, along with three of his other works, at the 1923 Royal Academy exhibition. It sold for £525.

Nicholas Barfield,

Fairly certain it's on Inner Farne island, and also known as Prior Castell's Tower. Can't post a modern exact comparison but attched is a credible shot. Obviously of interest to the Laing if I'm right.
I can't think of any other coastal pele/watch towers in Northumbria.

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Kieran Owens,

Quite apart from the architecture of the tower being different in this painting to images of it online, the absence of St. Cuthbert's chapel, or its other adjacent outbuilding, would suggest that this painting is not of Prior Castell's Tower. Also, artistic license aside, the presence of the curving sandy beach in the forefront of the painting does not correspond with the island's topography:

Malcolm Fowles,

If a local view was acquired one would expect some record of it. Martin, can you confirm that the Laing has reviewed the rear of the painting and all of its purchase documentation?

Malcolm Fowles,

If this is faithful to the original view, then there is a second building on the right edge and what seems to be a very distant one across the water. Several individual figures, some dressed in white, are wandering near the tower - a suggestion of visitors? If so the place should be well known today.

Reviewing the artist's other works on Art UK, landscape titles fall into three categories: specific views such as "Blythsburgh (Beccles across the Marshes)", anonymous scenes such as "Landscape with church" and generics such as "Spring".

Our work falls in the second of these. It would not surprise me therefore if the scene were a composite.

Louis Musgrove,

How about the Mucklaberry Tower in Shetland? If it's not Prior Castell's tower that is.

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