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Highland Strath
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Could anyone identify this location for us please?

Groam House Museum, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Malcolm Fowles,

Is there any clue to the painting's date? If not on the painting, then how about its natural 'place' within Bain's other works in the collection? To me the style most resembles the collection's "Highland Picnic" dated 1920-30.

Does the collection know anything about Bain's painting on his travels around Celtic sites, and the dates of his fieldwork? As an astonished admirer of his book on Celtic knotwork, I imagine him as a man possessed and unlikely to mix the two disciplines.

Wikipedia names three periods of residence: pre-WWII (Edinburgh, ...?); post-war to retirement in 1946 (Kirkaldy), and 1946 to 1952 (Drumnadrochit). The background mountains suggest the last period to me, but I don't know the inland terrain of Fife.

Andrew Chamberlain,

Probably not Fife, but the topography appears consistent with the region to the west of Loch Ness.

Groam House Museum,

Dear Malcolm,
I am afraid that we don't have any clues as to the painting's date. Your question about mixing painting with his visits to Pictish stones is an interesting one, and again, I am afraid we know very little about this at present.
Best wishes,

David Bell 05,

Probably completely wrong but it looks a wee bit like Glen Alladale.

Groam House Museum,

Dear David,
An interesting suggestion - do you have any photos?
Best wishes,

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