Dress and Textiles, East of England and The Midlands: Artists and Subjects, Portraits: British 16th and 17th C, Portraits: British 18th C 12 Who is this member of the Dyott family and could an identification help establish the name of an artist?

Topic: Subject or sitter

Does the collection have any more information on the identity of this sitter and the artist?

Edward Stone, Entry reviewed by Art UK


The Collection has commented: 'We have very little information on this painting, but do have the following old note in our paper file on a possible sitter: 'written at the back of frame "Sir R. Dyott". Miss Margaret Dyott, of Freeford Manor, has seen this picture, and said that it is not likely to be of Sir Richard Dyott (1590–1659) but of one of her ancestors.'

Andrew Thrush,

The dress and hair style are early eighteenth century. A more convincing candidate than Sir Richard Dyott (1590-1660) would therefore be Richard Dyott (1667-1719), who serve as MP for Lichfield three times between 1690 and 1715. You'll find an entry on him in The History of Parliament's 1690-1715 volumes, available online.

Jacinto Regalado,

I agree with Jacob, except it might be even earlier, although still 17th century.

Jacinto Regalado,

There is probably nothing legible on the paper in the sitter's hand, but can we see a close-up of it?

Jacinto Regalado,

Also, is the dress particular to any profession or type of person?

Jacinto Regalado,

I note the print found by Gregory lists the engraver but not the painter, probably because the latter is unknown. But yes, one of those six sons could be our man--such as his second son, also named Richard, who represented Lichfield in Parliament between 1667 and 1677

Jacinto Regalado,

Sir Richard, by the way, married in early 1615, so his sons would have been born no earlier than than that year.

Jacinto Regalado,

The vital dates for that second son are 1619-1677.

One of the artists whose name I reach for in cases like this - Lely-like but not Lely, and not really good enough to be by the usual other suspects like Greenhill - is Joseph Bokshoorn. Not much of an oeuvre to go on, alas.

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