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The Royal Tournament, 1932
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The pageant shown was titled 'The First Prince of Wales' – here is a photograph:

I have been unable to identify any named artist of portrayals of the scene but it might be worth considering Fortunino Matania – who had illustrated the tournament previously and was producing royal scenes around 1932, e.g.

The collection note: 'We will add this information to our database. It would be very interesting to see if we could find anything else out.'

Al Brown, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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This discussion is now closed. The artist has been identified as Charles Gilbert Joseph Holiday (1879–1937). The title has been updated to '"The First Prince of Wales" Pageant, 1932’ and the painting description adds that the performance by the Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) took place at the Royal Tournament of that year.

In addition, the collection has found an extract from the 'Regimental Chronicle' which confirms the artist as Gilbert Holiday.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this discussion. To anyone viewing it for the first time, please see below for all the comments that led to this conclusion.


Jade Audrey King,

Art UK have so far been unable to trace any rights holder of Fortunino Matania's works – any information which may lead to a rights holder would be appreciated.

On Art UK there is a perfectly clear signature visible bottom left of Gilbert Holiday (1879-1937). His 'The Start of the Royal Tournament' ( makes a good comparuison.

Following Al Brown's identification the title might more accurately be 'The Pageant 'The First Prince of Wales' at the 1932 Royal Tournament.'

Al Brown,

The initial question about this work seems to have been answered thanks to Andrew. Having the artist and an identified subject is there more that can be added to this discussion?

Charles Gilbert Holiday was a frequent illustrator of Royal Tournament scenes in the 1930s in oils and other media - please see also
and, for example.
I think this successfully concludes the discussion, with thanks to all.

Summarising the information put forward by colleagues and contributors on this painting, I recommend that the painting is listed as a work by Charles Gilbert Joseph Holiday (1879-1937), with the title 'The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) enact the Pageant, 'The First Prince of Wales', at the 1932 Royal Tournament' (or a shortened version, thereof, if necessary).

Jacinto Regalado,

I would suggest "The First Prince of Wales Pageant, 1932." The additional information can be given in the Description note.