Continental European after 1800, London: Artists and Subjects, Portraits: British 20th C, Dress and Textiles 15 Who painted this portrait of a woman in a fashionable cloche hat?

Topic: Artist

This is an artist of some quality, possibly influenced by the Camden Town painters.

Art UK adds: A note in the collection's file suggests Louis Picard (1861–1940). The painting is in the art store. On the reverse of this canvas is ‘Woman Mending a Fishing Net’, c.1910, (acc. no. 070_b).

There are no labels or other inscriptions. Two holes are clearer on the reverse.

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Peter Nahum,

It looks as if there are initials bottom right including L P?

Martin Forrest,

Could she possibly be the same model as in 'Mrs Mounter at the Breakfast Table' by Harold Gilman? Smaller nose but very similar eyes!

Martin Hopkinson,

Louis Lazare Picard is his full name. L P are the initials of Lucien Pissarro, but did he ever paint in this style.
The verso seems to be by an inferior and different artist. Perhaps LP reused an old canvas?

Antoinette Gordon,

Suggest - Later work of Ambrose McEvoy (1878-1927); compare "Head of a Girl"; "Maud in Sunlight"; "In the Garden - Mrs Claude Johnson".

This is interesting. Pamela, thank you for suggesting Louise Pickard, which is quite a coincidence as I thought the collection had attributed this to Louis Picart. Antoinette, many thanks for suggesting Ambrose Gordon, and Martin Forrester for proposing Harold Gilman.

Interestingly, when Martin (Hopkinson) sent this enquiry he mentioned that women artists are often overlooked …

I will check with the collection on Monday.

Martin Hopkinson,

a suitably Yorkshire suggestion from Pamela. I think that Louise Pickard was a member of the Fylingdales Group, and associated with Ethel Walker, whose father was a Yorkshireman, and with Beatrice Bland from Lincoln. It would be worth looking at the titles of the pictures which showed at the New English Art Club, and at the Goupil Gallery. She was in a three artist exhibition at the Goupil in 1924 with Ethel Walker and Charles Ginner [ who was well known in Yorkshire].
With Walker and Bland, Pickard formed' the Cheyne Walkers' in the words of Wilson Steer- they were friends in Chelsea

Peter Nahum,

Stylistically Louise Pickard seems like a very good bet. I do not think it is well enough painted for Gilman, whose style is more careful and particular. Although Ambrose McEvoy is a clever suggestion, I think he did not paint in such an overall rough style - there is ultimately a misty smoothness within his works.

Martin Hopkinson,

Pickard had memorial exhibitions at the Alpine Gallery and Redfern Gallery in 1928 , the catalogues of which in the National Art Library would be worth looking at.
May be there is a record in the Pannett's archives of the picture's gift or purchase?

Ash Bell,

Hi can anyone identify my art please?

Osmund Bullock,

Ash Bell, as I've written on the other discussion, we can't help you with privately-owned artworks, I'm afraid. On Art Detective we only look at works of art that are in public (and a few semi-public) UK collections.

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