Maritime Subjects, Portraits: British 19th C, Scotland: Artists and Subjects 6 Who painted this portrait of ship owner and builder James Brown?

Topic: Subject or sitter

[Further to a submission that provided information about the sitter] As the question relates as to whom may have painted the portrait, we suggest the possibility that a relative of the family, a local artist of the name 'Chalmers' but, more likely, we think it was painted by one of the group of artists from Edinburgh who frequented the Perth area where James lived between 1814 and 1838.

Sue Howard, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Are the measurements correct or is the image cut or distorted? The image has an aspect ratio of 1.09 whereas the measurements give a ratio of 1.36.

Jacinto Regalado,

This looks above the level of "local artist" work. It is not Lawrence, but it is competent, like good provincial work.

The Collection has commented that the canvas size recorded is 29.2 x 44.5 cm - Art UK had the frame size. It would appear that the image is squashed and they will attempt to provide a corrected image, at least for Art Detective purposes, in its corrected state, once access to the Collection is possible.

If a Perth connection is correct - though surely there would have been artists based in Dundee or taking in Dundee on their sojourns north from Edinburgh (or further South) who would settle in a town for a few weeks taking sittings before moving on to the next at this time too - the most likely candidate would be David Junor (1773-1835), Art Master at Perth Academy and the teacher there of David Octavius Hill RSA (1802-70); Thomas Duncan RSA (1807-45) and John [Mclaren] Barclay RSA (1811-86).

His Portrait of Lord Provost Thomas Hay Marshall in Perth Museum and Art Gallery (1/113) does not do him justice, being a posthumous portrait, and better comparable examples would be his (FA 49/78) Portrait of John Wright (1768-1849) Lord Provost of Perth, or the oils (currently unattributed) of (FA 96/78) Thomas Luke (1776-1832) Bailie of Perth and (1993.390) Portrait of a Minister (which stylistically are probably by Junor) which are also in the Perth Collection.

All are featured on ArtUK.

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