Artist biographies

A list of artist biographies derived from Art Detective, with some external sources noted in italics. Most do not appear in any other standard dictionary or database of artists and, if they do, not in the detail that Art Detective has uncovered for summary here. Click on a name to go to the artist's page on Art UK.


There are at present 204 biographies. The most recent additions, in June 2024, are Francis Alleyne and Ronald Stanley Jewry.


The total includes 12 artists whose work is not represented on Art UK, on whom Art Detective discussions on other artists have brought wholly or partly new information to light. Their biographies can be downloaded as a PDF


Published on Art UK 

Aaerens, Betty (1904–1994)

Alleyne, Francis (1740–1815)

Ambuchi, Torello (c.1807–after 1862)

Baker, George Howell (1871–1919)

Banks, John Oake (1832–1902)

Bayly, Adolphus Edward Mansel (1830–1883)

Beaumont, Ann (1798–1866)

Beeton, Alan (1880–1942)

Béglia, Charles (1887–1963)

Bei, Ambros (1848–1926)

Bergeron, E. (active 1960s)

Bianchi, Enrico [of Genoa] (1834–1884)

Bird, George Frederick (1883–1948)

Bourne, John (1861–1935)

Boyns, Bessie (1855–1947)

Brandon, Louis Earle (1892–1972) 

Brunning, William Allen (1818–1850)

Burgess, Arthur James Wetherall (1879–1957)

Burnell, Henry Hockey (1826–1899)

Buttery, Ayerst Hooker (1868–1929)

Carr, John (1834–1912)

Carter, Bernard (1920–2014)

Chambers Junior, George (1829–1878)

Chatfield, Philip (b.1958) from an autobiographical article

Cheremisinova, Elizaveta Petrovna (1877–1963) (Elisabeth Tcheremissinof)

Coates, T. H. (late 19th C–early 20th C)

Cocks, Edward William (c.1803–after 1843)

Cole, John Henry (c.1828–1895)

Cole, Solomon (c.1806–1893)

Collett, Sophia Elizabeth (1844–1899) from Suffolk Artists website, supplied by Anthony Copsey, Editor

Colls, Ebenezer (1812–1887) adapted from Pieter van der Merwe, 'A Gallant Rescue' (National Maritime Museum blog, 11 October 2011)

Cordet, Jean (b.1910) possibly a pseudonym for Robert Heyer-Hayes (b.1920)

Cornwell-Clyne, Adrian (1892–1969)

Craig, James Stevenson (1830–1879)

Craig, Robert Henry (1858–1922) also known as Albert Rosell

Crewdson, Bardy (1919–2006)

Crewdson, James (1849–1925)

Davidson, Daniel Pender (1885–1933)

Davidson, Douglas (1901–1960)

Davidson, Thomas (1842–1919) adapted by Pieter van der Merwe from a National Maritime Museum version

Davies, Lemuel Edward (1876–1953)

Delotz, George Gregor (1814/1815–1879)

Devenish Walshe, Gertrude Emily (1831–1907)

Douglas, William Bloomfield (1822–1906)

Eadon, Willis (1863–1948)

Eastman, Frank Samuel (1878–1964)

Eastman, [Agnes] Mary (1906–1990)

Ehrke, Carl-Heinrich Julius (1835–1899)

Emery, John (1802–1893) 

Errico, Salvatore (1848–1934)

Fancourt, Edward (1801–1849)

Farmer, Edward Desmond (1917–1999)

Fish, George William (1876–c.1930)

Fisher, Laura Margaret (1872–1960)

Fitzpatrick, Arthur (1830–1883)

Fontana, Aristide Louis (1834–1907)

Forster, Harold Percy (1895–1975)

Frimston, Ethel Martin (1880–1940)

Frost, H[enry (?), of Liverpool] (active c.1850s–1870s)

Gale, William (1823–1909)

Garland, Henry (1829–1902)

Garland, Richard James (1815–1903)

Gates, Henry L. (1872–1943)

Gegan, James John (1821–1889)

Gherchenzone, Michel (1907–after 1976)

Gilbert, Joseph Miles (1799–1876)

Good, John Willis (1845–1879)

Gori, Affortunato (before 1886–1925) also known as Fortunato Gory

Grant, Henry (1846–1932)

Greenwood, Edwin (1808–1874)

Gregson, Vallance Richard (1892–1950)

Hale, William Matthew (1837–1929)

Hamilton-Johnston, Bessie (1860–1943)

Hanley, Edgar Wilkins (1855–1886)

Harraden, Richard Bankes (1778–1862)

Harrison, George (1840–1910)

Hawkins, Henry (1796–1881)

Hawkins, Jane Elizabeth (1847–after 1911)

Hector, James Alexander Hay (1868–1940)

Henry, George (1858–1943)

Heyden, Gerard van der (1864–1939)

Hickson, Margaret (1856–1919)

Hulme, Robert Courtenay (1834–1881)

Hunt, James Beaman (c.1872–1938)

James, David (1860–1904)

Jansen, Adrianus Johannes (1863–1943)

Jewry, Ronald Stanley (1923–2015)

Jones, Maud Raphael (1862–1935)

Keane, Violet Deady (1851-1908)

Kennedy, Andrew (1821–1869)

Keyman, P. L. (early 20th C–mid-20th C)

Krause, Emil Albert (1866–1922)

Krause, Heinrich Max (1861–1931) (aka Crause/Crouse and 'Max Sinclair')

Kregczy, Edmund (1855–1916)

Langley, Richard (1808–1878)

Lawson, Cecil Constant Philip (1880–1967) from Journal for the Society for Army Historical Research

Lawson, John Andrew (1951–2023)

Leathem, John William (1815–1857)

Liddell, Guy (1868–1954)

Lindley, William (1833–1912)

Lloyd, Katharine Constance (1884–1974)

Lloyd, Mary Constance (1873–1968)

Lloyd-Elsegood, John (c.1830/1834–1912) (J. L. Vychan)

Lockwood, Lucy (1875–1961)

Lovatelli, Filippo (1874–1952)

Lucas, Edith Evelyn (1865–1904), known as Edith Evelyn

Luna, Justo Ruiz (1865–1926)

Lyddon, Albert James (1872–1945)

Macantsionnaigh, Seóirse (1902–1997), alias George Howard Fox

Mackenzie, James Wilson (1865–1893)

McConnell, William George (1890–1954)

McKerrow, Alexander (1835–1909)

Mahler, Paul (1864–1923)

Manzoni, Giacomo [of Bergamo] (1870–1910)

Martin, Ethel (1873–1969) (later Fridlander)

Mason, William Henry (1838–1929)

Maull, James (1801–1895), including Henry Maull (1829–1914)

Miller, Philip Homan (1845–1928)

Miller, William Edwards (1851–1940)

Mills, Arthur George (1907–1996)

Morton, Mary (1879–1965)

Mourilyan, Thomas Longley (1840–1922)

Moynihan, Frederick James (1842–1910)

Munday, John (1924–2012)

Murrills, Harold Claude 'Jock (1915–2006)

Neuper, Christian (1876–1950)

Newbolt, John (1803/1805–1867)

Ngantung, Henk (1921–1991)

Nicol, John Watson (1856–1926)

Nisbet, Christine Bacheler (1902–1991)

Parr, Edward (1815–1864)

Pearn, William (1855–1926)

Petrie, Maria (1887–1972)

Pinel, Armand Félicien (1820–1892/1894)

Pleydell-Bouverie, Stuart (1877–1947)

Pringle, John Balfour (c.1817–1885)

Pugi, Guglielmo (1850–c.1935)

Puyt, Arthur (1873–1955)

Pye, William (1855–1934)

Reily, Francis (1858–1928)

Roffe, Felix Robert (1814–1887)

Rogozen, Joseph H. (1902–1975)

Rouw, Henry (1777–1855)

Rouw, Peter (1770–1852)

Rushworth, Walter Maynard (1870–1945)

Russell, Laura (1836–1910), Lady Arthur Russell

Ryles, Frederick Richard (1831–1908)

Sanderson, Robert (1835/1836–1918)

Sargeant, Henry (1797–1868)

Sargent, George Frederick Francisco (1837–1899), known as Frederick Sargent

Scrymgeour, James Montgomery (1793–1856)

Seed, Thomas (c.1807–1895)

Smith, Bernard Gordon (1908–1983)

Smith, Mary Winifrid (1904–1992)

Smith, Thomas Stuart (1813/1814–1869)

Sommer, Giorgio (1834–1914)

Soord, Alfred Usher (1868–1915)

Spencer, Richard Ball (1812–1897)

Spencer, William Ball (1854–1923)

Sprinck, Leon John (1866–1948)

Steele, Edwin (1803/1805–1871)

Steele, Edwin (1839–1919)

Stuart, William (1798–1882)

Stuart, William Evans Dutton (1827–1873)

Swimmer, Thomas (1932–1983)

Tabor, Helen Georgina (1864–1933)

Tetley, Ralph Gordon (1910–1985)

Thornbery, William Anslow (1847–1907), alias Thornley

Thornely, Charles (1832/1833–1918)

Thornley, Georges William (1857–1935)

Tiffin, Walter Francis (1817-1890)

Tivoli, Arthur de (1891–1961)

Tomkins, Charles Frederick (1798–1844)

Tozer, Henry Edward Spernon (1864–1955)

Trood, Mabel Grace (1872–1951)

Tucker, Edwin Wallace (1798–1860)

Tudgay, Frederick (1841–1921)

Tudgay, John Lashbrook (1798–1874)

Turner, Charles Edward (1883–1965)

Twyman, Alfred William (1910–1970)

Twyman, Moorman Edward (1892–1988)

Vizard, Worthy (1848–1904)

Wainewright, Thomas Francis (c.1815–1887)

Walmisley, Frederick (1815–1875)

Walton, Henry (1875–1959)

Webb, James (1835–1895)

Weiss, José (1859–1919)

Wimbush, John Lewis (1854–1914)

Winzer, Charles Freegrove (1886–1940)

Wright, Jack (1919–1994)

Wright (of Frome), John (active 1750s– c.1772)

Wyborn, Frank (1876–1950)


Artists without any works on Art UK

Aaerens, Betty (active 1903–1907)

Auld, John (1844–1911)

Brassington, John (1798–1882)

Eastman, Edith Maud (1878–1950)

Fridlander, Ernest David (1870–1960)

Martin, Beatrix (1876–1964)

Mason, William Henry (of East Retford) (1846–1936)

Pratt, William (1717–1795)

Roffe, William John (1822–1901)

Sargent, George Frederick (1811–1864)

Sprinck, John Louis (1825–1896)

Thornley, Morgan Alfred (1897–1965)