Snakewoman - 20mm Frame
Snakewoman - 20mm Frame
Snakewoman - 20mm Frame
Snakewoman - 20mm Frame
Snakewoman - 20mm Frame
Snakewoman - 20mm Frame
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Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation
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This was Ray’s first and only design for the exotic Snakewoman from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and one of his favourite characters from the film.

This creature was designed as an alternative to the usual dancing girls who featured in most costume adventures and fantasy films, while also showcasing the magical powers of the movie’s antagonist, Sokurah. As well as having the upper torso of a human female combined with a serpent's tail, the character was also given an extra pair of arms. This offered Ray the opportunity to animate the creature's dancing sequence with an alluring flow, working wonderfully with Bernard Herrmann's iconic soundtrack.

Product details

A framed reproduction art print of Snakewoman by Ray Harryhausen.

Frame options: oak / black satin

Framed print size: 41 x 33 cm

Frame thickness: 20 mm

Mount: none

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