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Pembrokeshire is noted amongst artists as having excellent light qualities. The Pembrokeshire County Council’s Collection provides numerous examples of this artistic love. The collection consists of nearly 250 oils, and over 30 acrylic and mixed media works. The collection of art started when the County Museum came into existence in the 1960s, with some pieces gifted to the people of Pembrokeshire before that time. Most of the paintings have a local connection – either showing local views and scenes, or painted by Pembrokeshire artists. The bulk of the collection is located at Scolton Manor. Most of the paintings on display in the Manor are nineteenth-century paintings or paintings of the family who lived at Scolton. Many of the paintings were donated, but some items of great importance to the area were purchased. There is also a strong collection of contemporary artworks, available for temporary exhibition. Paintings in the collection include ‘Tenby Fisherwoman’ by William Powell Frith, portraits of Lord and Lady Tenby by Margaret Lindsay Williams and more contemporary works such as ‘The Breadwinner’ by Harry Holland.