Forward British 19th C, except portraits, North West England: Artists and Subjects, Scotland: Artists and Subjects 4 Can we confirm the location depicted as hills in Scotland or England?

Topic: Execution date

Are the hills in the distance in Scotland [more likely perhaps] or England?

Martin Hopkinson, Entry reviewed by Art UK

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Kieran Owens,

Apologies, the attachment should read Edmund John and not Edmund Joseph.

Kieran Owens,

As, per the attached map, the River Eden meanders gently south east to north west before it reaches Carlisle, so does this river, judging by the weir shown in the painting. The scene, therefore, must have been painted just after sunrise, and so the hills would be to the east, and so possibly what is shown is a stretch of the North Pennines.

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Keith Ginsburg,

I agree with Kieran Owens. The shapes of the hills are not typically Scottish, but closely resemble the North Pennines. I would suggest the picture is of the fells around Forest Head or Cold Fell. The scene may have been painted near Warwick Bridge, there is still a small weir just to the south today, or a little further south near Aramthwaite, where there is a handy train station.

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