Your collection account

Over 3,300 collection venues are represented on the Art UK website. When you join Art UK, you have automatic access to Art Detective. If you have not received your Art Detective login details, please contact Through Art Detective, you will be able to send Art UK updates and enquiries about artworks in your collection. You can also propose topics for discussion, allowing you to discuss artworks in your collection with experts in the topic area. 

Making enquiries about artworks

Please go to Art UK and find the artwork you want to comment on. Underneath the image is a link: 'Send information to Art Detective'. Use the drop-down menu to select your topic. Click the link to submit your enquiry.

Changing information on Art UK yourself

Please make edits using the Art UK Collections Portal. For access, please email

Speaking personally

Please note that comments made from collection accounts will appear on behalf of the collection. If you are from a collection but would like to comment personally, please register for a personal account (see 'Sign in', and select the option 'I'm new here'.)

We need collections to be involved

We hope collections can maintain an active presence on Art Detective, as we will send comments and suggestions through the site for their attention. These will include simple suggestions to improve and enhance the artwork record, such as possible spelling mistakes or life dates from sitters’ relatives. Discussion topics proposed by members of the public do not go live immediately. They are reviewed by Art Detective staff, who inform the collection beforehand.  

To access your list of submissions on Art Detective, please log in and hover your cursor over the red icon in the top-right corner of the homepage. In that menu, click 'Submissions'. Submissions are completed either when Art UK believes the query has been resolved or if the enquiry has been moved to the public discussion pages.

Sharing high-resolution images

Occasionally, Art Detective contributors may ask to see a full-size high-resolution image of the artwork. Collections own the rights to the high-resolution images of the artworks shown on Art UK and full-size images are shared at the collection’s own risk. If you represent a collection and want to share an image with an individual contributor, please email 

All collections should have been sent high-resolution images of their artworks by Art UK. If you have questions about this, please email

Email notifications 

You will receive email notifications from Art Detective if you are watching a group, watching a discussion, or if Art UK wishes to contact you about a submission. 

You can tell if you are watching a group or a discussion by signing into Art Detective and going to the individual group page, or to the discussions pages. If the 'eye' symbol is red it means you are watching the group or discussion. Click the 'eye' to stop watching groups or discussions. If you are watching a group, you will automatically watch any new discussions that are posted which are assigned to that group. 

More information

If you would like to contact Art UK privately, please email