Forward Portraits: British 19th C 6 Could the artist be Richard Hooke?

E. S. Robinson
Topic: Medium and support

Group Leader: Ruth Brimacombe

Could the artist be Richard Hooke (1820-1908) and is this oil painting on a photographic base?

The sitter is Elisha Smith Robinson.

Jevon Thistlewood, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Andrew Shore,

Could it be a work by Thomas Protheroe? He's listed as an artist of a portrait of E. S. Robinson in this report in the Bristol Mercury (15 Mar 1886): (and see attached)

Protheroe is on Art UK here:

And also likely to be the artist of this work too:

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Jacinto Regalado,

That's a useful link, Oliver. It supports the probability of our picture being after a photograph and of both images being by Protheroe.

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