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Portrait of a Burgomaster's Wife
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Who is the artist of this portrait of Cécile Scroots (née van Vorssen, b.1584), wife of Henrik Schroots (d.1629) of Sint-Truiden, whose portrait is in the same collection?

‘Portrait of a Burgomaster (Henri or Henrik Scroots or Schroots, d.1629)’

Andrew Greg, British 19th C, except portraits, Entry reviewed by Art UK


Martin Hopkinson,

An artist of the generation of Frans Pourbus the Younger? Sint-Truiden is in Limburg in the Flemish part of the modern day Belgium,

Jacinto Regalado,

This picture should probably be classified as Flemish School as opposed to Dutch, as is currently the case. The same would apply to its companion portrait in the same collection.

Kieran Owens,

Was this question not dealt with in detail in a previous discussion on the companion piece to this work?

Jacinto Regalado,

Since both pictures are by the same hand, I assumed the question was not previously dealt with or it would not have been brought up again.

Louis Musgrove,

What a dreadful left hand !! Obviously the painter used an optical device and had a bit of a parallax error.The right hand on the Burgomeister is better. Perhaps paintings done in a studio by several people.Drapes /background/clothes/Faces etc.

Kieran Owens,

Jacinto, you are quite correct. It was the identity of the subjects that had previously been discussed an resolved. Please accept my apologies.

Louis Musgrove,

Just to start the ball rolling-perhaps the artist could be Werner van der Valkert-- lived about the right time and is known to do Burgermeisters. ???????

Jacinto Regalado,

No problem, Kieran.

Returning to the question at hand, both portraits are perfectly competent but stolid and relatively workmanlike for the period, without any special distinction. I do not think they are quite up to the level of van der Valckert (who was Dutch, not Flemish).

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